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1) What are the purchase related costs?

Property prices you see in brochures are always net prices. Above the net price you shall calculate with the following costs when buying a property in Spain:

VAT or ITP 10%
Stamp Duty 1.5%
Notary ~0.5%
Land Registry Fee ~0.5%
Legal Fee ~1%
TOTAL (aprox.) 13.5%

In case of bank financing: Mortgage cost of approx. 400 EUR + Notary and Land Registry Fees of Mortgage Deed

Other costs to bear in mind are:

  • Property Ownership Tax (IBI): This is the local tax which is paid annually and based on the cadastral value “valor catastral” (0.5-1%).
  • Income Tax for Non-Residents & Residents.
  • Wealth Tax: Payable annually, based on the value of total net assets as of 31st December of each year after the free allowance of 700.000€.
  • Rubbish Collection Tax.
  • Water supply and Sewerage Tax.
  • Electricity.
  • Community expenses – if you are in a community of owners.

2) For how many years can I apply for a loan? How about interest? Is the floating rate or fixed rate?

It depends on the applicant’s age. The maximum age to complete the mortgage is usually 65 years old.

The mortgage can be of fixed rate interest, variable rate interest or mixed.  In the first case it could be between 2,5% and 3.5%, depending on the years and the client. In the second case it could be EURIBOR + 3-4 %.

Nowadays the banks are offering the first 10 years fixed and the rest variable.


3) What items can be deducted from rental income tax?

All the cost for that activity, like IBI tax, employers or real estate agent commissions, cost of maintenance and there is a 60% bonification on incomes.


4) What property taxes do I need to pay if I sell out the property, capital gain tax?

If you are a non-resident and sell a property, there is a retention for the buyer of 3% of the purchase price.

After that, you should declare in 3 months after the retention if you have obtained a capital gain or not.

That is calculated of 24.5 % of your gain, if it is more than the 3% of the price you should pay the difference. If it is less, then apply for refund.


Purchase price:       100.000 euros

Selling price:            120.000 euros

Retention                 3% x 120.000 = 3.600 euros

Capital gain:             120.000-100.000 = 20.000 *24.5%= 4.900 euros

You should pay        4.900 -3600 = 1.300 euros


5) What is the Spanish estate tax policy?

Only to own a property in Spain you should declare it among the NON-RESIDENT TAXES, and you pay 19% of the IBI value.

For a medium price property (about 150.000 euros), with a cadastral value of 90.000 euros, the taxes can be 400 euros per year.